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You are getting married in Paris

You want the best wedding photographer to capture this unforgettable day


Pricing, photoshoot, engagement, modern or classic style, your wedding photographer is here to answer to your questions !

How to choose a wedding photographer in Paris ?


You are getting married soon and you are looking for a wedding photographer in Paris ? Your wedding photographer is an essential part of your wedding. He is the one who has the role to create souvenirs in the nicest way he cans. For that he will use his experience, his artistic feelings, and even his social skills to catch the best moments of this so important day and you will keep them forever.

Often we don’t realize the value of the photos when they’ve just been taken … but then 20 years later, you won’t regret to have choosen the wedding photographer you need ! Not « the best »… just the one you like the style !

During this very special day, your wedding photographer will follow you everywhere in Paris in total discretion. After many years of photographying weddings I learnt to be very fast and to take the best photos quickly. I’m also young and energic to be always ready to take a picture, to have new ideas  and to deal with the people, the context, the place and the weather to provide the best photographic result.

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    What is the best wedding photographer in Paris for you ?


    Some people like classical music and others prefers hip-hop… We all all different tastes, what is important is to find what you really love. It’s the same with photography. There are many differents possible styles, wide angled photos with flashy colors, portraits in black and white, to find the right wedding photographer for you I recommend to focus on his work. The personal work of a photographer is really important, it shows his identity, his sensibility, his view of the world and of course his artistic sense. Afterwards you have to see what interest us : His wedding photographic work. Usually a wedding photographer will show few photos but the best ones on his website. But finally it’s really easy to have few good photos for an experienced photographer who have covered many weddings. BUT it doesn’t mean that he would do good picture all along you wedding !
    You have to ask you wedding photographer to see a entire gallery for a wedding. Even several galleries. It’s for what you exactly pay him, so the best way is to see what was the result for a wedding, it should be close to what you will obtain for your wedding !


     A photo documentary about the most important day of your life by a professionnal wedding photographer


    Couples usually choose me because they like my immersive photography style, I’m close to the people and I’m inside the action, being in the same time very discreet to not bother anyone !

    I learnt this style by photographying hundreds of events, protests, in Paris and anywhere around the world. I apply this method to my wedding photography.

    To be good the wedding photographer must anticipate, must be at the right place at the right moment. To be ready to capture every single important moment of your wedding.

    I will use all my experience of wedding photographer in Paris to make your wedding day unique.

    Budget for a wedding photographer in Paris


    Budget is something important in the organisation of your wedding. If you like my photos and if you want me to be your wedding photographer in Paris, then come the question of the price.

    I do not have fixed prices. Every wedding is different, and sorry, I’m not selling Big Mac menus … ! To get an idea of the price I need the number of guests, the differents steps of the day, where it will take place. Then we will have a first meeting, to discuss about your wants and your needs for this special day. As your personnal wedding photographer I will adapt myself to all you would need this day.

    After the wedding I will give you a beautiful high quality photo album, size A3 with 72 pages with printed cover.

    You will get also a box with a thumbdrive containing all your photos in high definition.

    Couple photoshoot session in Paris


    I recommend a couple photoshoot session in Paris after your wedding. We will do a lot of couple photos during your wedding, but you will be less nervous and more relax to do couple photos in Paris an afternoon after your wedding.

    It’s an enjoyable and funny moment !

    Where can go your wedding photographer in Paris ?


    I’m based in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. I love to travel so I would enjoy a lot to follow you anywhere in the world !

    Vous voulez parler de votre reportage de mariage à Paris avec moi ? Contactez-moi pour que l’on se rencontre et que l’on parle ensemble de votre projet.

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